We love bacon. We fry bacon. Lots of it. For fifty years and counting. We make pork crackling and tasty bacon puffs. In a traditional artisan way. Just like ‘Grandpa and Grandma’ Adrie and Paulien Wilthagen used to do in their village butcher shop. Nowadays we’re a bit speedier and efficient, in our certified factory in Tholen. It’s still slow food though: all our bacon products are allowed to mature. You can really taste the difference. 

Everywhere in the world, people love to snack on Wilthagen bacon. Our crackling and curly crunch are sold throughout Europe and Asia. They’re glutenfree, lactose-free. And additive-free. We do a lot with fried bacon, in small and large quantities. In crackling and in meal components, in convenient quantities. Exactly as you might need it. Read more about our specific bacon/pork products below.

Pork Crunch Soft Bite

Diced fresh bacon. Fried to a crisp. This pork crunch has a gentle touch. You might call them bacon puffs: we’ve invented this snack for people who like the taste of pork and bacon, but who can do without the inner core of lard.

Pork Crunch Soft Bite is made from the outer layers of pork rind. Extra thin strips, fried in their own fat. They puff up and turn crispy, almost like crackers. Airy snacks, perfect as appetizer. And because they’re 100% protein, they’re perfect for people on a special diet. Like keto or paleo, or a low-carb diet.

Delicious and crispy, in a spicy barbecue flavour. Gluten free.

  • Protein rich.
  • Funny Dutch name: “knabbelbacon”. Knabbel means ‘to nibble’.
  • Rich in protein.
  • No carbs, gluten-free.
  • Perfect snack for paleo, keto or low-carb enthusiasts.

Wilthagen Pork Cracklings

Pork cracklings are by far our bestselling product. Made according to the old family recipe: fresh pork rind is first cut, then seasoned. The rinds are stored for a couple of days, so all flavours can unfold. This slow food method is proceeded with a quick deep-frying process. When the rinds obtain a maximum of crispiness and a golden colour, they’re packed and shipped. A simple process, perfected by decades. Crunchy pork snacks, packed with flavour.

Wilthagen pork cracklings are a great snack for parties. The Dutch like to combine them with stews, stir-fries, pasta and soups. They’re gluten-free, low-carb and rich in protein.

  • Pork rinds. Fried in their own fat. No more, no less.
  • Traditionally tasty. Consciously made.
  • Practically zero carbohydrates.
  • Packed with protein.
  • Perfect for a paleo, keto or low-carb diet.
  • Glutenfree.

Pork Curly Crunch Bell Pepper

Wilthagen curly crackling. Made according to our old family recipe. Just pork rinds and salt, fried in its own fat. That’s it. Simple, fresh, addictive. Firm pork rinds are cut and seasoned. And stored in a slow-food way, so flavours can unfold.

These cracklings are curly because the bacon rinds have been cut into slim, long pieces. They twist while frying, which looks and tastes great. Crackling so pretty, it would easily win a beauty contest. If there was such a thing.

We offer our regular Pork Curlies and two different varieties: with smoky bell pepper and one with sea salt and black pepper. But we can add all sorts of flavours. We are happy to consider your B2B or private label ideas for new kinds of crunchiness.

  • Curly and crunchy.
  • Gluten-free, low carb.
  • Rich in protein.
  • Fit for a paleo, keto or low carb diet.

Bacon Rinds BBQ Flavour

Bacon Rinds Salted

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