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We started out as a butchers family. But during the last five years, we really wanted to develop snacks and meal components that could be enjoyed by everyone. Like our krupuk, made from local produce. And vegetable crisps made from perfectly good veggies, destined to be binned because they were a bit too crooked or a bit too small.

Quite a big step for a meat processing company. But it’s an important step into a sustainable future. We can both produce meat products and are safely qualified and certified to create snacks that are suitable for vegans.

Prawn allergens

We eat a lot of krupuk in the Netherlands, usually made from shrimp and tapioca. We decided to showcase three of the local ingredients that we love for our own krupuk: onions from nearby fields, seaweed from Yerseke and shrimp from the North Sea. To make these krupuk crackers we’ve built a completely new factory hall, in order to safeguard food safety and cleanliness.
Our process: seaweed, onions and shrimp arrive in large quantities. These are boiled, dried and formed into doughy slices, with the addition of tapioca. They are transported into the baking machine, which puff up the krupuk at 185 degrees Celcius. A vibrating plate shakes off all the access fat. Then they’re ready for packaging and transportation. The shrimp krupuk is processed separately because shrimp is a noted allergen.

Gluten and other allergens

Because we use tapioca flour and nothing else, our Wilthagen krupuk is gluten-free. In fact, all our raw materials are gluten-free. Wilthagen products do not contain eggs, soy or milk. Our list of gluten-free products:

  • Crackling
  • Pork crunch traditional bite
  • pork crunch soft bite
  • Pork curly crunch
  • Pork cracklings (seasalt & black pepper, bellpepper)
  • Bacon bits (small crackling)
  • Traditional liverwust
  • Organic chicken liverwurst
  • All krupuk flavours
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