Wilthagen has developed many of its very own processes in the company’s factory halls on the island of Tholen in Zeeland, The Netherlands. We can assist you with precise preparations and new recipes. Think of snacks, meal components and semi-finished products. We are happy to help with present-day questions: about allergens, circular production, dietary requirements or creating a vegetarian or vegan variation of your brand.

Do you have ideas for a new product? With us, you can experiment with small quantities (minimal of 4 pallets).

  • From wet to dry: creating a longer shelf life by preserving large stocks of tomatoes or peppers and converting them into delicious vegetable crisps.• Nose to tail: benefitting from extra flavour by using leftovers such as shells and skins, smart frying.
  • Processing regional products: reducing CO2 by reducing miles. Locally sourced, fresh produce. Beneficial to our farmers.
  • Safe handling of allergens.
  • Smart combinations of freezing and cooling.
  • Precise baking and timing.
  • New recipes and special spice blends.

With our enthusiastic team and smart modern factory, we can realise a large selection of products.

  • cutting, portioning
  • herbs and salts
  • cooking and slow cooking
  • drying
  • steaming
  • baking and deep-frying (both in animal and vegetable fats or by utilising the product’s own grease)
  • transport via vibrating plate (for less fat)
  • expansion by means of our own crunchy Dutch krupuk process

Plus various options in packaging: singular portion packs, consumer packaging, labelling and bundling.

Check out our products or make an appointment for more information. We are happy to serve you!

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