Wilthagen B.V. is a singular family business from the Dutch province of Zeeland.
It all started with a butcher’s shop in a small town. 50 years and two generations later, we’re proud of our products: crunchy bacon, pork crackling. Tasty snacks and meal components, made with care. Preferably from local ingredients. Environmentally friendly.

Wilthagen creates artisan meat products, like liverwurst. The regular kind and an organic one. Local goods like seaweed, shrimps and onions are revamped into delicious krupuk. We’re skimpy on additives, excess sugar and salt. But we’re generous in flavour. We safeguard the traditional recipes from our founding father, Adrie Wilthagen. And love to work on new food and flavours. Warning: some of our products might be slightly addictive. Happy nibbling!

Almost anything can be improved with the addition of bacon.
(Jasper Fforde)

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