Wilthagen is proud of its own products, like its pork crunch and pork crackling, its original Zeeland liverwurst and organic chicken liverwurst. And prawn crackers, known as Dutch krupuk, flavoured with local produce like North sea shrimp and seaweed. Presented in award-winning packaging.

We have developed private label products for many international organisations. Our high quality standards go hand in hand with our competitive pricing. We have experience with clean label recipes, specific allergen profiles and circular residual processing. The Dutch are known to be ‘frugal’ and we have embraced that reputation by ensuring that every last bit of the product is put to good use.

We are experts when it comes to:

  • Convenience: snack packs and single packs.
  • Fresh food: unprocessed, local products, fast processing, short supply chains.
  • Better health: reduced salt and sugar, new baking processes, allergen profiles, dietary requirements.
  • Sustainability: organic, vegetarian and vegan, waste reduction, circularity, residual processing, recycling and water conservation. We strive for usage of regional products, for better local employment and minimal mileage.
  • Transparency: personal contact, product traceability and clean labels.

Nowadays most brands want to respond quickly to their customers’ wishes. We want to achieve maximum value with as little waste as possible. By making honest and sustainable products that burst of flavour. And ensuring that each and every product is correctly certified.

We can combine manual service with smart industrial production processes. Our Wilthagen team strives for excellence and flexibility. We can bundle, label, package and print. And we can offer you a heads-up with a new product, because we can produce affordably in small volumes. From big bags to tiny packets: our packaging lines can solve your problems.

Wilthagen is happy to think along with its clients. We set ourselves apart by developing delicious and authentic products, exclusively for you.

Your product, our knowledge. Let’s work together.

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