Certificates and allergens

Wilthagen creates appetizing and authentic snacks. We ensure that this is done safely and with the correct certification.  Though we originate from a traditional butchers’ family, we are proud of our extensive range of prawn crackers (known in Dutch as krupuk) and vegetable crisps, that are also suitable for vegans. Shrimps are an allergen, which is why we always process them separately, by ways of a smart logistics process.


Because we use tapioca starch, our prawn crackers are gluten-free. Wilthagen products do not contain eggs, soy or milk either. We are proud of our clean label policy. Salt and sugar are limited and we do not use e-numbers or artificial flavour enhancers.

Our certificates at a glance: Wilthagen is certified in BRC (8), SKAL, BLK (animal welfare) and EDI.

  • BRC 8 is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and is an international food safety certificate. Higher level, for delivery to international retailers.
  • SKAL is an independent organisation that supervises organic production on behalf of the Dutch government. This quality certificate ensures consumers that they are buying a 100% organic product.
  • BLK is a certificate that safeguards animal welfare and guarantees an improvement to the living conditions of animals. Wilthagen makes liverwurst with one BLK star and organic chicken liverwurst with three BLK stars.
  • EDI is the abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange in the food sector which means smart and fast online ordering and tracking for and by retailers.
  • MSC refers to sustainable fishing. The MSC label means that fish is caught sustainably, the chance of bycatch is minimised and fish stocks are sustainably managed.
  • ASC stands for responsible cultivation. The ASC certificate is available for farmed fish, crustaceans and shellfish. This certificate guarantees that extra attention is paid to natural habitat preservation and use of antibiotics and chemicals is limited as much as possible.

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