Corporate Vision and Responsibilities

Good Food with a Clear Conscience

Wilthagen is a true family business. We aim to incorporate this sense of ‘family’ into everything we do: we care for people, planet and products. And profit, of course, but taken more broadly than mere economic aspects: both environmental and social issues are an important part of our corporate vision. We want to add value. For our business customers and their consumers. But we also want to add value to our surroundings. Creating valuable products by making sensible choices. Good food with a clear conscience. Because we always have been and will remain, a modest-scale food manufacturer with Christian values.

Our core values are service, joy and care. We love to eat well and we love to create products that many people will enjoy. But we also feel responsible for animal welfare and a clean environment. We stay away from artificial flavourings and preservatives. We try to use as less sugar and salt as we can, while still safeguarding excellent taste.

Wilthagen incorporates a no-nonsense attitude: we deliver on time and keep our promises. The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Collaboration with customers, suppliers and employees is characterised by honesty and long-term relationships. Through teamwork, with an everyday focus on the highest quality. We want to ensure good working conditions in a sustainable production chain.

We are proud of our past and curious about the future. How can all those people on our planet stay healthy? We experiment with novelty ingredients like seaweed, which feeds on CO2 and releases oxygen.

We love to work with regional products and ‘rejected’ foods, for a zero waste approach and a smaller ecological footprint. Clean-label, working towards a circular economy. By making tasty snacks which are safe for vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies. Like or organic liverwurst made from free-range chickens, which was rewarded by the animal welfare foundation.

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