Private Label

Wilthagen is in business for over 40 years. With our sophisticated packaging lines, we’re able to introduce our products under private label. We’re producing tasty snacks under our own brand name but we also offer production for third parties. Nationally and internationally. High-quality meal components and distinctive snack products. Our factory is audited to the highest standards. We can work to individual retail requirements.

We enjoy taking a collaborative approach with all our private label customers. As a multi-disciplined manufacturer we can offer production and packaging, even in the earliest stages of development. Concepts. Flavours. Strategies. We’re producing both meat-based and plant-based products and are able to develop distinctive products exclusively, for a large range of clients. We know about the rules concerning organic food and vegetarian/vegan certification and believe in sustainability and growth through a circular economy.

We can create great things for you. Please contact us to find out about all the different brands we work for.

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