Sea & Land

Wilthagen is proud to present a new look for our trusted products: our pork crackling, curly crunch and bacon soft bites. We chose the name Sea & Land by Wilthagen.  Authentic snacks, made from the best that farmers and fishermen have to offer. With a proud nod to Zeeland, our home province in The Netherlands, where sea and land meet so beautifully. It’s obvious why Zeeland is a hotspot for foodies: we’ve got fertile clay soil and the clean waters from the Oosterscheld river. Both provide us with the freshest of products.

The cheerful new packaging of the Sea & Land brand is instantly recognizable on the shelves of supermarkets and delicatessen stores. We wanted a fun look, because we have a lot of fun creating high quality snacks. We still make our crackling in the old fashioned way, like founding mother and father Paulien and Adrie WIlthagen did in their traditional butcher’s shop. Our volumes are a bit larger though. Because our snacks are eaten all across the globe.



Five decades

In almost five decades, Wilthagen has undergone significant changes. We morphed from a traditional village butchery into a snack factory which loves to innovate. We’re best known for our crackling and liverwurst. But after fifty years, our family business is inventing new snacks for a greener society. We use fresh prawns from sustainable fishery, and vegetable crips form surplus harvest. We’re planning to give all our products the new Sea & Land packaging in the near future.

Premium line

Sea & Land is our premium line. For products to which we confidently associate our family name. Snacks we love to eat ourselves when our family gets together. Grandchildren grew up loving crackling, because it was the favourite snack of their grandma or grandpa. But we found out we have a new loyal fanbase in athletes: health minded people who opt for a keto or slow carb diet, they really appreciate our protein-rich bacon snacks.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is what matters most to us right now. Finding ways to make an abundant harvest last longer, by transforming surplus vegetables into tasty veggie crisps. Residual products like stems or skins which still pack lots of flavour can be put to great new use. For our krupuk we use a sturdy seaweed from the Oosterscheld and fresh shrimp with the MSC label. And we found a lovely range of onions just a stone throw away from our factory.

Wilthagen loves to make snacks for people who care, who make conscious choices. Who want to know exactly what their food is made of and how it’s produced. Traditionally tasty. Sea & Land snacks are consciously made, gluten-free, lactose-free. And additive-free.

Food solutions

Together with our creative team we’re taking new steps. And together with you, our partners, for whom we realize these new food solutions. We love our private label work but seized this moment to show some extra love to our heritage, the sea and the land surrounding us. They inspire us to treasure our past but walk towards a green and pleasant future.

Sea and Land by Wilthagen. Nice to greet you!

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