Newsletter December 2020

Dear reader,

When you haven’t been able to meet in person for so long, you realize how important personal contact really is. This year we participated in the first online PLMA fair. But we hope to shake hands again next year, at the PLMA in Amsterdam. Or at the SEAFOOD fair in Barcelona, which is rescheduled to September 2021.

In this December newsletter we’d like to look back and forward. Traveling was difficult for everyone, but our prawn crackers do travel abroad: to Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, under private label constructions of several retail chains. In the Netherlands, prawn crackers or krupuk has been a popular product for decades, as a side dish to Asian meals or straight out of the bag as a tasty snack. We are now introducing our Dutch krupuk in a variety of European countries. This plan originated at the PLMA in 2017. And three years later it’s happening. New borders are opening up, because our krupuk is MSC certified.


Sustainable catch

The MSC certificate is a world premiere: Wilthagen is the only one in the world who attained it. We do not use tropical shrimps, but sustainably caught shrimps from the North Sea. We think it’s important that there will be sufficient North Sea shrimps in the far and near future, so this is why we opt for durability, sustainable catching methods and short chains for production. To help our environment and local fishermen. Because we also use the shells of the shrimp, our krupuk packs extra flavour.


New snack line

We started a new veggie-based snack line, with potatoes and corn as base. This is our fourth production line, next to our bacon products, liverwurst and krupuk lines. Our vegetable crisps are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The snacks have a neutral taste and can be enriched with many different spice mixes, such as sweet chili.


Short news:

Corporate website

We are proud of our new corporate website, which showcases our distinctive processes, services and expertise. Visit the site here


Third generation Wilthagen

Wilthagen is a proud family business. The third generation Wilthagen has been quite busy: Arthur Wilthagen took new steps in production and Koen combines an education with working in sales.


BRC 8 certification

We have successfully achieved our BRC 8 certification again and we’d like to thank the whole team for their hard work.


And lastly, we would also like to thank you. For the good relationships, the great conversations (and video calls). We wish you the best for the holidays and good business for 2021. And above all: good health, for you and your loved ones. Because that turned out to be the most important thing this year.

See you in 2021!

Kind regards,
Team Wilthagen

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