Fighting food waste

Tackling the issue of food waste is very important to us. We enjoy working together with other companies that make this a top priority. That is why we create umami vegetables crisps made from special oyster mushrooms, for the sustainable Dutch company GRO. And we produce vegetable crisps from so-called ‘vegetable misfits’ or ‘buitenbeentjes’, for the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

These ‘misfits’ are fruits and vegetables that differ in appearance, but are still excellent in taste and shelf life. They are sold fresh in larger packages, and are often used in juices and soups. The ‘vegetable misfits’ or Buitenbeentjes concept was conceived in 2014 and has its own line of perishable products today.

Today these misfits are used by Wilthagen to make long-life vegetable crisps. Sustainable and affordable, based on the idea of ​​no-waste. They come in the flavours red bell pepper and onion. More flavours are currently being developed. The onion crisps are mostly made of onions (80%). The red bell pepper crisps consist of red bell peppers (60%) with a light smoky flavour. They are made with Wilthagen’s very-own prawn crackers process. For crispy, light tapioca-based crisps.

Wilthagen comes up with smart and appetising solutions for growers and producers who do not have a market for their (atypical) fruit and vegetables. Because we can only combat food waste together.

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