Liverwurst is the darling of Dutch birthday parties. Much like in Germany, The Netherlands are very fond of this soft, unctuous sausage. Both kids and grown-ups love it. Fanatics eat it at breakfast, on a sandwich or a roll.

Our traditional Dutch liverwurst is deeply rich and irony, with a smooth texture. It’s made with pork liver, with added bacon for flavour. The colour is pinkish-gray, not bright pink like other liver sausages: no artificial colouring or flavourings are added. We’re also proud of our organic sausage made from chicken liver. The meat is from free-range chickens, kept with prioritised poultry welfare.

Traditional Liverwurst

This is the real thing: traditional liverwurst from the Netherlands. To be precise, from Zeeland, the prettiest Southern province. It’s made from fresh pork liver, with extra pork meat and some bacon for an even better taste. This sausage is soft, unctuous and delicious. Spiced with love. And with white pepper, nutmeg, coriander and some ginger.

Our liverwursts are made according to Grandpa Wilthagen’s recipe. The meat is pressed into plastic casings and slowly cooked in large kettles. So they’re perfectly safe to eat or to store for a while.

The Dutch like to eat their liverwurst on sandwiches. It’s also a staple snack on the best of birthday parties. We like to eat our liverwurst with mustard, but some folks love it with blueberry or cranberry jam.


  • Made with more than 50% pork liver.
  • Gluten-free.
  • No added flavouring and colouring agents.
  • Traditional greyish-pink colour.
  • Made according to our traditional family recipe.

Organic Chicken Liverwurst

This one is for people who like to eat meat but are still concerned with the environment and animal welfare. This organic pink liverwurst is made from the best chicken livers. Without additives, artificial colourings or flavours. Slightly sweet in taste, because we added organic onions. 

This organic chicken liverwurst is created together with the Dutch animal welfare foundation. Chickens are allowed to roam freely and are reared without antibiotics. They can peck and perch in natural light.

Our Wilthagen organic chicken-sausage is soft and creamy. Delicious as a snack, on a sandwich or a roll. Great when combined with chutney, or a cranberry jam.



  • Seasoned and cooked according to our own recipe.
  • Creamy structure, pinkish in colour.
  • Gluten-free.
  • With 37% organic chicken liver.
  • Kids love it because it’s soft, pink and tasty.
  • Created together with the animal welfare foundation.


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